Street Racer Class


Current insurance card and registration (will be checked at tech in)
-working lights
-DOT tires and/or  M/T Pros including R, if running 17″+ wheels and tire is OK.
-1/4 mile heads up
-Pro Tree start
-Must meet tracks safety requirements at tech in
-Do not cross the center line
-Must complete 25 mile cruise that will leave from the track
-You cannot add fuel during the cruise but you can fuel up when arriving back to the track, along with nitrous, methanol…
-Factory frame rails required. No tube chassis.
-Cross the center line, you’re out
-Red light, you’re out
-After cruise you get one practice pass.
-Clocks will be on and times shown
-You must do the cruise on the same tires/wheels you race on
-Must pay gate entry to race
-$100 buy in money collected at drivers meeting
-80% of buy in goes to winner and 20% goes to runner up
-Pairings are done by drawing out of hat each round.