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2019 Street Car Takeover points series info.

For 2019 we’re continuing our points series we started in 2018. This is a great way to earn extra money at the end of the year and to feel like you’re part of the season and not just one race. A lot of racers battled it out last year to get those points and money at the end of the season. We hope you all enjoy this new chapter of SCT.

Eligible classes for points series:

-Street Racer Heads Up

-Street Racer Mild 9.50 index

-Monster Clutch Co Stick Shift class

-Small Tire

-Daily Driver 11.00 index

-Extreme Street 10.00 index


How to earn points and how to qualify to be eligible:

-Must place top 6 in at least 5 different city events

-First place 10 points

-Second place 7 points

-Semi finalist losers each get  4 points

-Quarter finalist losers each get 2 points



Other stipulations:

-In case of rain out after eliminations have started each driver will be awarded 2 points that is signed up for an eligible class even if the race is down below 6 racers left

-Each race the payouts will be paid out as advertised. Money you win at the end of the season if you place 1st is additional to your single race winnings.

-End of year winnings for each class will be paid by check after the 2019 season is over.



-Each class payout will be structured different

-Street Racer Heads up winner in points at the end of the season will receive $3,000

-Street Racer Mild 9.50 index winner in points will receive $2,000

-Monster Clutch Co Stick Shift class winner will receive $3,000

-Small Tire class winner will receive $3,000

-Daily Driver 11.00 index will receive $1,000

-Extreme Street 10.00 index winner will receive $1,500

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